Seagate 4TB BarraCuda HDD, SATA III w/ 256MB Cache

MX68876 4TB BarraCuda HDD, SATA III w/ 256MB Cache
MX68876 4TB BarraCuda HDD, SATA III w/ 256MB Cache

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Thursday, November 01, 2018
By: Martin
From: St-Cesaire

Very good backup drive



Additional Comments:

I bought two in november 2017. One is inside a computer running 7 days / 24 hours a day. The other is used inside an external casing for backing up the 1st one. Both are still running well with no error or problem and they are in good health (based on SMART report).
Thursday, November 01, 2018
By: Veselin
From: Airdrie

Started clicking after 45 days


It was good while it worked


Lasted 45 days only

Additional Comments:

Only 45 days after purchase it started making this bad clicking noise. Talking with ME over phone they said if you dont have the ME replacement plan it could take a while to get a replacement - as long as a month or more. I left it in the shop 7 days ago and still have no news how long do I have to wait. You would think that after breaking down not even 90 days after purchase the shop or the manufacturer will speed up the replacement but so far - no news... On top of that the drive was being used as a storage for a desktop with its main drive being a 250 GB PCIe M2 SSD - so there wasn't really any serous usage on it. Getting the store replacement plan somehow defeats the purpose of getting a cheaper storage solution - for that amount you could go to Ironwolf or the Red WD drive... In conclusion - what a disappointment!
Saturday, December 02, 2017
By: daniel
From: calgary

*Not a 7.2 krpm drive*


bandwidth and size per unit cost is excellent. fine for RAID-1 since my OS is on SSD.


both WD and Seagate have discontinued 7200rpm drives for the consumer level and lowered the warranty periods to 2 years. disappointing, but the cost/benefit ratio for the 5y warranty drive isn't really good if you replace the drive in case of failure within 5 years anyway; the expected lifetime of either drives.

Additional Comments:

Be aware that Seagate and WD both lowered their warranties to 2y and their spindle speeds to ~5400rpm for consumer level drives. You'll notice that the drive read speed has dropped to 190MB/s from ~210MB/s with the 7200.14 model range. The newer models compensate the gap with higher sector density per track and expanded cache.